CoMotion Los Angeles 2022 

Los Angeles, California

November 15, 2022 -November 17, 2022


SE-ITS Conference

Atlanta, Georgia

November 6, 2022 -November 9, 2022


APTA’s TRANSform Conference 

Seattle, Washington

October 10, 2022 -October 12, 2022


Corey Clothier

Corey is an automated mobility strategist, global thought leader, and innovator focused on commercialization strategies around the future of mobility and automated vehicle systems. He has over 10 years of...

Neal Hemenover

ith more than 25 years of experience as an executive leader in technology and innovation, Neal is driven to constantly question how we “think and do.” Recognizing the world is...

Shane Blackmer

With experience building and leading cross-functional teams in global operating environments, Shane has a consistent record of translating strategy to action. He’s known for leading the development and implementation of...

Marie-France Laurin

Marie-France leads business development activities for Stantec GenerationAV™, our autonomous vehicle (AV) consulting arm focused on accelerating AV adoption. Passionate about new mobility, she’s spent most of her career exploring...

Andrew Smart

With more than 37 years of experience delivering automotive technologies in Europe, Asia, and the United States as a technical and business leader, Andy is a highly respected member of...

Katie Clothier

As an autonomous vehicle (AV) product developer with Stantec GenerationAV, Katie is responsible for product development and project management., She’s known for her agility in managing technical partners throughout the...