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autonomous vehicle safety consulting

Autonomous vehicle safety consulting

As we help cities plan for a future of AVs, establishing safety best practices and implementing safety standards for autonomous vehicles is essential to the successful deployment of AVs and connected autonomous vehicle (CAV) systems.

The Stantec GenerationAV team has the experience and expertise to help city planners, civic organizations, state and local governments, and AV technology businesses address issues related to all safety disciplines, such as cybersecurity, functional safety, operational design domain (ODD), and the Safety of the Intended Functionality (SOTIF).

When we talk about safety for autonomous vehicles, it is important to recognize that the word safety is an umbrella term that encompasses many facets of AV and CAV safety, such as operational safety, process safety, functional safety, facility safety, cybersecurity, and regulatory safety.

Because there are many aspects of safety management systems that must be considered, the Stantec GenerationAV team takes a multi-disciplinary approach to assessing and guiding safety standards for autonomous vehicles. For example, when it comes to deploying AV safety, it’s important to understand the scope of risks – safety extends beyond the vehicle. Our safety management consultants for autonomous vehicles cover a wide range of factors related to safety, from in-lab testing to the proving grounds and from on-road testing to safe deployment.

Vehicles on the road today may include active safety features that provide drivers with assistance, such as lane assist and automatic braking. But the long-term goal is to attain completely automated driving systems (ADS) that will have the ability to accomplish all driving tasks, allowing the vehicle operator the freedom to disengage from the driving task fully, without the need to have their hands, eyes, and mind on the road because the autonomous vehicle will be driving safely.

In the AV world, safety is when risk and hazards are as low as reasonably possible. As we work to plan and identify potential safety factors for autonomous vehicles, there are many considerations that will have an impact on either minimizing risk and therefore increasing safety, or, adding risk and therefore contributing to a lack of safety.

Today’s challenge in the quickly evolving AV and CAV space is that emerging technologies can precede and even drive safety regulation. With Stantec GenerationAV’s expertise and knowledge of the many safety standards from around the globe, we are able to consider all safety standards and best practices.Our safety consultants are committed to guiding organizations as they develop their safety management system with clearly established safety standards and technical standards.

Explore our holistic approach to safety assessments and deployments for autonomous vehicles here.

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A global leader in AV safety solutions consulting

Stantec is a safety solutions consulting company, continuously taking a holistic approach. Our team includes a network of safety experts that can support any application, anywhere around the world.

Our consulting services include AV deployment readiness assessments that help cities and organizations determine if they are ready to deploy automated vehicles. Beyond vehicles and driver/occupant safety, pedestrian safety is a factor too.

The Stantec GenerationAV team of process safety management and consultants provides cities, states, civic organizations, and businesses with AV safety consulting services. We serve as an independent objective third party, which is important when validating AV technologies and approaches.

Our holistic view is beneficial to engineering, operations, and legal departments who may be working on a voluntary safety self-assessment (VSSA) basis to inform the NHTSA about safety assurance.

We support companies in defining tools, methods, and processes, as well as assessing current safety practices, to identify any gaps in where they need to be. If your goal is to be a leader with a true safety culture that enables you to have a completeness to your AV safety commitment, we can help – contact us.

We invite you to download the Stantec GenerationAV AV Deployment Playbook to learn the steps to preparing for your AV future.