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Autonomous Vehicles & Communities

Empowering communities to harness technology

An urban park in the heart of a bustling downtown. A retail and entertainment district. A new master planned residential development. Each of these communities is unique, yet each has a similar end goal—to serve the needs of its people, whether they’re residents, visitors, or workers. Introducing automated vehicles (AVs) into these community environments can go a long way toward helping these spaces achieve that goal. 

From moving people and connecting them with vital services to delivering essentials like food and medicine to helping keep the land around them clean, AVs can provide a wide range of services, all contributing to safer, cleaner, more equitable communities. Our city planning consultants integrate all services to improve community environments. 

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Accelerating autonomy in our communities

Strong communities don’t just happen—they’re built. They’re creatively imagined, collaboratively planned, and readied to face tomorrow with optimism. Whether we’re bringing new life to an urban center, transforming a brownfield site, or developing a new place for families to grow, our transportation planning consultants balance the needs of today with a passion for tomorrow. And AVs add safety, efficiency, and accessibility. Pairing our autonomous vehicle experts and consulting services in AV planning and deployment with community planners and engineers, we help you plan and implement best-fit solutions.

Easily traverse educational and campus environments

Campus environments like colleges and business parks can sometimes feel like self-contained cities. And just like cities, they require innovative mobility solutions to circulate people and goods, in a timely manner. Insert automated vehicle platforms! Low-speed shuttles that have a set route can move people quickly from building to building. In addition, sidewalk bots have the ability to navigate roads and sidewalks to deliver supplies and food throughout the campus environment and automated power chairs provide independence and convenience for those needing door-to-door transportation. AV solutions can – when integrated with existing transit and campus services – create a safer, more equitable environment for students, faculty, and visitors alike.

AVs in residential and mixed-use communities

Residential communities including single-family and mixed-use have incredible opportunities for people to experience the benefits of automated vehicles. Whether you live there or are visiting, AVs can be a benefit in a multitude of ways. Groceries and goods can be delivered from local merchants, autonomous shuttles can be running for commuters to get into the city, kids can board a neighborhood circulator en route to a friend’s house, and robotaxi can provide a low-capacity, ride share option. Moving people and goods between an origin and destination by way of AV technology will be expanding to more and more communities in the near future.

Enhancing lives and healthcare with autonomous solutions

Automation can improve the mobility of people within a health campus, enhancing the lives of patients, workers, and visitors alike. In addition to moving people and goods inside buildings as well as in between, imagine providing transportation for non-ambulatory patients not only to their door, but through their door.

In the comfort of their home, an individual can sit in a chair that can navigate doorways, ramps, elevators, and more, as well as board on-road vehicles and transit. Then, upon arrival at their appointment, their itinerary is synced with their personal chair, navigating them where they need to go, when they need to be there.

Personal mobility devices will increase mobility, safety, and peace of mind for patients and their family members and augment caretaker or hospital staff duties.

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