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Solutions to elevate safety, efficiency, and sustainability

Our highly knowledgeable autonomous vehicle (AV) consulting team offers the expertise to help airport developers, municipalities, and stakeholders envision the possibilities and bring them to reality. We’ll assess your airport environment, determine your most needed changes, and provide useful solutions that incorporate AV products and technologies—both within terminals and across the airside and landside infrastructure. Making AVs an integral part of your airport environment will benefit operations, workers, and airline passengers and guests.

From moving people, baggage, and cargo to providing a range of cleaning and security support services, AVs have an important role in the future of airports and transportation. In fact, the dangerous, dull, and dirty tasks that are part of airport operations can be accomplished with the help of AV products and technologies. AVs are part of the solution to elevate the airport experience today by improving efficiency and safety, as well as creating cleaner and more sustainable spaces.

The Stantec GenerationAV transportation planning and mass transit consultants detail the current state of the autonomous vehicle market in our comprehensive report.

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a history of airport excellence

For more than 40 years, Stantec has delivered successful projects at more than 200 airports worldwide. From roadway to runway to terminal, our deep understanding of airport operations drives us to create airport destinations that are pleasant and memorable. With proven benefits in safety, efficiency, and accessibility, we are committed to bringing AV solutions to airports. Pairing our AV knowledge with our airport planners and engineers, we help our clients plan and implement the solutions that best fit their needs.

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Testing emerging AV technologies at airports

Airport security doesn’t just end at the terminal. It’s the whole package. And when you mix in autonomous technologies, these operations really take FLITE. As part of the Ford Launchpad for Innovative Technologies and Entrepreneurship (FLITE) program at Gerald R. Ford International Airport, our team is advising ongoing pilot programs aimed to improve the airport experience. One pilot is Dataspeed’s autonomous security vehicle—check out the video.


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Autonomy and Airports

Autonomy and airports are a winning combination. With a goal of reshaping the travel experience, we’re working with our airport designers and engineers to bring added efficiency, security, and capabilities through autonomous technologies. Our Autonomy and Airports Report provides a look into our history with airports and autonomous vehicle consulting. By integrating autonomy into your plans and designs, you’ll see how your airport can reach new heights!

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AVs in Airports
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