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Autonomous Vehicles & Event Venues

A stress-free automated experience

The experience of attending a game, concert, or other major event should be the event itself, not the journey there. The goal of every event organizer or stadium operator is to create repeat business—to ensure a positive experience that will bring the customer back for future events. 


Introducing automated vehicles (AVs) into these environments can benefit the owner, surrounding community, and visitors. From moving people and equipment to helping secure and clean both inside and outside the space, AVs can provide a wide range of services in and around an event venue, all contributing to a safer and more efficient experience for everyone involved. 

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Accelerating autonomy at event venues

Each of the 1,000+ projects Stantec has completed at a stadium, arena, or other event space has focused on making it easier for people to get where they’re going safely, efficiently, and on time. AVs can play a major role in achieving those goals. As transportation planning consultants and AV experts, we partner with our event venue logistics experts, planners, and engineers to help clients capitalize on emerging technology for the good of all. 

Our traffic control consultants have developed several courses to educate you on the various aspects of the autonomous vehicle industry and its progress. When you click on a course, you will be taken to a log in screen. Please log in as you will then be led to free and for a fee content.

Connected Autonomous Vehicle Applications Overview