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Autonomous Vehicles & Theme Parks

Seamless integration for a fun experience

Theme parks are places where joy happens. The goal of every theme park operator is to leave visitors wanting more—to ensure a positive experience that will bring people back again and again. A lot goes on behind the scenes to create that experience. Introducing automated vehicles (AVs) into these environments can be a tremendously successful endeavor with benefits to the owner, visitors, and workers. 

From moving people and equipment to helping secure and clean both inside and outside the space, AVs can provide a wide range of services in an and around a theme park. Our transportation planning consultants provide insights that contribute to a safer and more efficient them park experience for everyone. 

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Accelerating autonomy at theme parks

When evaluating transportation options to, from, and within a theme park, the focus is on making it easier for people to get where they’re going safely and efficiently, because there’s fun to be had! With promised benefits of safety, efficiency, and accessibility, AVs are a natural next step for moving people and goods in and around these spaces. Our AV experts and traffic control consultants partner with our transportation and logistics planners and engineers to help clients seamlessly integrate this emerging technology into their existing environments. 

Our city planning team has developed several courses to educate you on the various aspects of the autonomous vehicle industry and its progress. When you click on a course, you will be taken to a log in screen. Please log in as you will then be led to free and for a fee content.

Connected Autonomous Vehicle Applications Overview

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