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Why bring a team of expert autonomous vehicle consultants to your next autonomous vehicle project meeting?

Are you ready to bring expert guidance to your autonomous vehicle planning? Stantec GenerationAV™ offers comprehensive transportation and city planning, as well as mass transit consulting services. Working with you, we establish a plan to make your vision of autonomous technology come to life.

GenAV guides every step of your AV journey from your vision to your AV future. We also evaluate AV technology suppliers, address regulatory requirements related to AVs, and build an efficient roadmap to the safe deployment of autonomous vehicle transportation systems.

We’ll start your AV journey by establishing a path and strategy to focus on the outcomes you want to achieve and what challenges you are facing. Utilizing autonomous technology, our AV consultants will determine the best solutions to mitigate those challenges and any other risks.

The highly knowledgeable and experienced Stantec GenerationAV team will be your guide through the entire scope of your AV project – carefully walking you through ideas, details, timing, best practices, learning, and integration to your activities at every step. And we’ll work to align your vision with the AV technologies available today. Taking your vision into account, we’ll define the added value that AV solutions will bring to your community or business.

The Stantec GenerationAV team approaches AV projects by looking at the whole plan and long-term vision. We then consider a comprehensive strategy with all possible AV solutions – in the air, on the ground, inside or outside – customized to your community and your needs.

We not only think through technologies and solutions that are currently available, but also have industry insights that enable us to look into the future and plan for what’s coming. Our systems-wide thinking, combined with extensive project experience, allows us to consider many variables, as well as anticipate potential problems or challenges, as we create your successful path to autonomy.

Today, there are many opportunities for AV technologies to support labor tasks and services. AV solutions can provide benefits of safety and efficiency. This is especially evident when it comes to jobs that are considered mundane, dirty, and/or dangerous to workers.

As you are learning about AV solutions, you can trust the international AV knowledge our transportation planning consultants have. The Stantec GenerationAV team can help you look beyond what AV ideas you may already know about, such as AV shuttles and AV delivery pods, and introduce you to bigger, cutting-edge ideas based on emerging AV technologies, hardware, and capabilities. For example, on-demand or unmanned drones that provide vital last mile deliveries or perform routine tasks may have a role in your vision for a successful AV future.

Stantec GenerationAV offers an objective perspective and brings the knowledge and experience to help mobility planners, engineers, and stakeholders gain an understanding of current and emerging AV technologies and solutions. We guide your vision and plan for deploying AVs safely, for the betterment of your communities or organizations.

Even if you are not ready to deploy AV technology right now, planning is key. We can start looking at your infrastructure and how AV can be integrated in your master plan. We determine what you can do now to be ready for AV when you want. We’ll also keep your team informed about the exciting range of potential autonomous vehicle and unmanned drone solutions.

Through our project experience and case studies, we can provide additional insights on AV project factors that worked to contribute to success, or didn’t work, as well as current best practices for AV deployments. To guide your journey, we’ve developed the Stantec GenerationAV Deployment Playbook that presents the steps to successful AV project planning and implementation.

Planning an AV project? The best time to engage our team is early in your AV project ideation and planning stages. You are working on a master plan, it’s time to be future ready!  Please contact us to learn more about Stantec GenerationAV™ and our range of AV consulting services.

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Stantec and Stantec GenerationAV™

The Stantec GenerationAV team also works closely with our partners of the leading global engineering and architecture design firm, Stantec.

When you combine the power of Stantec with the AV-focused ecosystem that is GenerationAV, we bring our clients something truly unique – the ability to guide, plan, assess, design, implement, and deploy all under one umbrella.