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Learning Center FAQs
How do I register for the Learning Center?

If you follow the link to our Learning Center, you will be prompted to sign-in or register. If you are a first time user, please click the register link at the bottom of the sign-in screen. Fill out the required fields, accept the Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions, then click the register button. Remember to record your username and password so you can sign in again.

Do I need to register to view courses, even the free courses?

Yes, we do require registration for all courses, even our free ones. We need registered users so that we can understand how best to help you in the future if you run into any issues or have questions. Each user’s information is not utilized individually, but collectively, your actions provide insights into our site to know what is working well and how we can improve it.

Does registration cost anything?

No, there is no fee to register in our Learning Center. 

Why are some courses free and while others require a fee?

We’d love to make all our courses free because we are passionate about the topics of discussion and want to educate everyone who wants to learn more about AVs. However, some courses provide greater detail and insights into GenAV’s process. In lieu of hiring our experts for consulting services, we are providing you short and concise yet comprehensive and detailed information to help you along your own AV journey.

Explain the benefits of CityForward and how they differ from the Learning Center lessons?

While the information provided in the Learning Center courses are helpful and informative, they are meant to be taken individually to build your base understanding of AVs. CityForward is a detailed, comprehensive, and sequential how-to guide that follows GenAV’s playbook process while incorporating lessons learned from the AvCo deployments. We’ve partnered with AvCo, led my Colorado Smart Cities Alliance, to use their autonomous shuttle deployments across Colorado to exemplify the playbook process. We walk you through every phase of an AV deployment from Getting Started to Monitor and Evaluate to help you partake in your own AV journey. By the end of the thirteen courses, you will have a greater understanding and confidence in starting your own AV deployment in your community.

What is the purpose of the surveys at course completion? 

The surveys are optional to fill out, but are greatly appreciated. We compile the results and feedback and use them to improve future courses and content. Also, if there are any technical issues with the course itself, we can use the surveys to correct those quickly.

Can I contact the subject matter experts (SMEs) from the courses?

Yes, if the expert’s contact information is provided in the course itself, please feel free to contact them directly. If you can not find their contact information, please email us at and we can direct you to the appropriate expert.

How do I contact GenAV for more information?

Please reach out to us at 

My community or environment is not yet ready for any stage of AV consideration so what value and benefits does the Learning Center information provide to me?

No matter where you are in your AV education, the Learning Center has something for you. We know everyone starts their AV journey at a different point, so we have provided general courses for those in the consideration process to more detailed, technical courses for groups who want to evaluate or employ a readiness survey. Our CityForward Playbook is the most comprehensive series of courses we have available. Please visit CityForward homepage for more information.

How do I apply the information learned and get started on my AV journey?

We offer varying levels of educational AV courses on our Learning Center. You might just want to use the information learned here to feel more confident in your understanding of AVs. Or you might want to use the information to spread your education to others within your organization, company, or community. With many free courses, we encourage you to spread the word and accelerate your peers’ AV education as well as your own. You might be further along in your AV education, and the next step could be taking our CityForward Playbook. You can use it as guidance to start your own AV deployment – learn more on our homepage. If you feel you have learned all you can from our Learning Center and are ready for more, please reach out to us at to see how we can help you accelerate AV in your environment.

Can I use the courses for Professional Development Hours (PDH) or Continuing Education (CE)?

Yes, each course includes a Certificate of Achievement for you to submit for PDH or CE. However, the courses are not pre-approved as hours towards licensing requirements, and it is the responsibility of the learner to take the appropriate actions to receive approval from their state/provincial licensing body. Please see the “note” at the bottom of your certificate for this disclaimer.