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Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS):

How we’re guiding the integration of vehicles and infrastructure

At Stantec GenerationAV, our work includes serving as autonomous planning consultants and advisors for the development and integration of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) – computer technologies and communications that have the potential to bring significant benefits in the areas of traffic safety, mobility efficiency, and environmental sustainability.

For a successful AV future, advanced communications technologies are essential for integrating Connected and Autonomous Vehicles (CAVs) into the existing transportation infrastructure to make roadway transportation systems smarter, safer, faster, and more resilient.

To help communities plan and integrate emerging technologies, Stantec GenerationAV provides AV planning and guidance that is vital today, especially as AV and CAV standards, regulations, and best practices are constantly evolving. The team at Stantec GenerationAV consists of proven experts who have done extensive project work and can be involved with all deployment steps of autonomous transportation systems.

The future of transportation calls for vehicles to be able to communicate with the traffic  infrastructure – this will happen through Intelligent Transportation Systems. ITS initiatives will make our cities smarter and safer for vehicles and pedestrians alike, while also improving the efficiency of connected vehicles to help reduce vehicle carbon emissions.

To enable the transformation to smart cities, the transportation industry is transitioning from DSRC (Dedicated Short Range Communication) to C-V2X (connected vehicle to everything). And ultimately, transportation systems will evolve to a point of V2N (vehicle to network) using 5G and existing infrastructure, namely cell towers, to enable information to be communicated between vehicles and a central command location, such as a Transportation Management Center (TMC).

As ITS applications continue to be developed and evolve, Stantec GenerationAV can help city planners envision long term infrastructure objectives through our holistic approach to CAVs, mobility, and technology solutions. For example, determining what an ODD needs to look like for your transit operations and infrastructure owner operators (IOO), and then providing guidance on how to develop it is one step in your infrastructure plan.

Today, some of the leading ITS applications of modern computing, data processing, and communications being deployed across America’s roadways to make travel safer and more efficient include traffic signs, traffic signal coordination, transit signal priority, electronic enforcement (EE) systems, pedestrian crossings, ramp meters, toll collection, and smart parking areas.

When it comes to ITS traffic engineering and improving traffic infrastructure, the team at Stantec GenerationAV provides expertise to support cities and transportation agencies in their work toward improving traffic safety and reducing traffic incidents, improving mobility efficiency and reducing traffic congestion, and reducing carbon emissions by implementing ITS solutions.

Additionally, our goals for ITS technologies include supporting emerging green intelligent transportation systems, or Green ITS, to help reduce GHG emissions as part of Stantec’s work toward global climate solutions for a range of transportation sectors.

Stantec GenerationAV offers an outside, objective approach and brings the knowledge and experience to help city planners, traffic operations professionals, transportation engineers, infrastructure owner operators, and smart city stakeholders gain an understanding of the latest vehicle and communications technologies, and then create a vision and plan for future traffic infrastructure and ITS needs.

The Stantec GenerationAV team can also provide support for ITS research and feasibility studies.

To learn more about Stantec GenerationAV™ and our approach to ITS solutions, please contact us. Download the Stantec GenerationAV Deployment Playbook, which is 23CFR930.11 compliant*, to learn the steps to preparing for your AV future. We invite you to review our safety checklist, based on our work for NCHRP Project No. 20-24, to assess your AV readiness and ITS needs. (*Provision 23CFR930.11 mandates that all ITS projects are required to undergo Systems Engineering.)

The Stantec GenerationAV team also works closely with our partners of the global Stantec ITS team. When you combine the power of Stantec with the AV-focused ecosystem that is GenerationAV, we bring our clients something truly unique – the ability to guide, plan, assess, design, implement, and deploy all under one umbrella.