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Efficient Urban Transportation

How our AV consultants can help transportation directors create safe, efficient cities

The journey to planning a safe, efficient urban transportation system that incorporates all the benefits of autonomous vehicle (AV) technologies can be a complicated process. That’s why the Stantec GenerationAV transportation planning and mass transit consultants are increasingly called upon to help transportation directors and city planners assess the many facets of integrating AVs into public transit, including interaction with infrastructure and traffic systems.

The Stantec GenerationAV consulting team members can help transportation directors, city planners, mayors, and stakeholders who are committed to launching mobility innovation initiatives in their communities. Our role also involves collaborating with ITS directors, transportation engineers, and directors of innovation to achieve safer, more efficient results.

Without the guidance of experts, integrating AV solutions can be a new and complicated process that can become cumbersome, time-consuming, and expensive for city teams to develop. Successfully planning and deploying AVs is a heavy systems engineering process that requires specific processes, tools, and frameworks – as well as proven expertise.

While a city’s visioning team for improving transportation systems will likely include experts in ITS (Intelligent Transportation Systems), such as smart traffic lights, cameras, roadside networks, and traffic management systems, it is essential that urban planning teams also include autonomous vehicle subject matter experts to advise on how to deploy AV technologies safely. The reality is that autonomous vehicles, which are constantly in motion, are a different area of expertise than the hardware, systems, and technology of ITS.

Elevating AV safety standards is essential for people as well as vehicles and infrastructure. For example, today, due to inevitable traffic accidents, city managers need to maintain a significant number of additional vehicles, such as buses, in their fleet to ensure that transportation operations can continue running in the event of vehicles being out of commission.

Through our experience and expertise, the Stantec GenerationAV consulting team can help transportation directors and city planners look to AV solutions and state-of-the-art technologies to help with efficient throughput of traffic as well as safety – and ultimately, help to further reduce traffic accidents and traffic fatalities.

The scope of AV solutions for your city can range from moving people with shuttles as well as providing on-demand transportation to enhancing the delivery of goods. AVs can also help deliver solutions to address the challenges many cities are facing today, including limited resources and labor shortages of bus drivers, truck drivers, and maintenance vehicle operators. For example, autonomous or robotic vehicles can be deployed to help complete essential groundskeeping and city maintenance service tasks such as street sweeping, bike lane sweeping, mobile EV charging, security patrol, roadside brush clearing, and lawn mowing of civic spaces.

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How Stantec GenerationAV can help

Because there are many aspects of transportation safety and efficiency that must be considered, the Stantec GenerationAV traffic control consultants take a multi-disciplinary approach to assessing, developing, and implementing solutions that incorporate autonomous vehicle technologies.

The team at Stantec GenerationAV can provide a full scope of services for your AV journey, from concept to design and implementation. Our AV consulting services also include providing risk assessments, technical reviews, and safety analysis.

Additionally, we can guide city planners to be proactive and pursue RFPs and grant opportunities available to support safe infrastructure solutions.

A future of urban transportation that incorporates AVs and connected infrastructure is coming – let’s work together to be sure your city is ready to create a vision and develop a plan for safer, more efficient urban traffic systems.

Planning an AV project for your city? Please contact us to learn more about Stantec GenerationAV™ and our range of AV consulting services.