Stantec Generation AV - Evaluating the Options

Evaluating the options

You’ve started your journey. You have a destination in mind and have started developing the roadmap of how to get there. Now you need to make sure you can make your vision a reality. How do you do that? Keep reading.

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Ready to roll

A lot of work has been done to get to this point–and it’s set you up for success. Your destination is almost within reach! With a few more steps, you’ll be there.

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Pondering the idea

The first step you take on your AV and connected AV systems (CAV) journey is crucial–it can start you moving in the right direction. And when considering a new technology, it’s natural to want to jump a few steps ahead and start exploring the technology. But trust us–you’re not there yet.

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Feasibility? Check.

Ideally, you’ll confirm that your vision is indeed achievable.

And if it’s not, better to know now so you can reassess, revise, and reengage with our transportation planning consultants for a new direction. Critical activities to help you determine feasibility include conducting site and route assessments and risk and safety assessments, as well as developing budget and funding requirements and a concept of operations. Sound like a lot of jargon? Don’t worry. As an autonomous vehicle and traffic control consulting company, we have done this before.

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Finding the right fit.

You’re ready to evaluate the potential technology solutions that could meet the needs of your project and start the procurement process.

Key activities involve liaising between various entities—whether negotiating with developers and manufacturers, scheduling and operating demonstrations, creating the bid documents to go to market, evaluating intelligent transportation systems (ITS) and/or conducting supplier interviews. Each of these tasks are an important part of finding the right solution and AV options for your project.

AV Planning

GenerationAV Deployment Playbook

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