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Focused on safety

Throughout your AV journey, safety is your driving force. A desire to improve safety may start you down the AV path; your need to create a safe AV deployment helps define that path from beginning to end. Let’s explore what that looks like.

Are you AV safety ready?

Assure your environment is ready for deployment.

You don’t pull out into traffic without a quick assessment – is your path clear? Do you feel comfortable driving in these weather conditions? Are you and your vehicle functioning properly? Planning for and deploying an AV isn’t any different. First, we assess. Are you AV safety ready? What do you—or don’t you—have in place to assure a safe deployment? Assessing the risks and understanding any gaps in your AV readiness are key first steps on your path to autonomy.

AV Safety

A step toward AV readiness: ODD Risk Assessments powered by dRISK

With their complexities and sophistication, AVs continue to uncover challenging traffic situations, called edge cases, which increase deployment risk. A holistic route assessment based on quantitative data is critical to ensuring a feasible and safe operating environment. Focused on identifying and mapping all of the risks within an AV’s operating environment by using an unprecedented scale and variety of data, dRISK is a key component of our scenario-based approach to analyzing any Operational Design Domain (ODD) to enable safe AV operations.

Let’s fill those potholes

Develop a comprehensive experience.

You’ve assessed your existing environment, processes, and approach and determined your gaps. You have an initial roadmap toward AV success … you just need to fill those gaps so you can keep moving forward. Whether you need to develop a safety policy and assurance plan, a safety management plan, or work on building up your internal safety culture, our autonomous vehicle consulting services team is here to guide you through each step, sharing best practices so you’re not starting from scratch.

AV Safety

Developing what you need: Learning from others

One of the industries we continue to learn from is aviation. With a huge focus on eliminating human error to increase safety, the aviation industry is full of operational best practices that we can tap into to further our quest for AV deployment safety. One such example is the Icarus Ops digital checklist platform, designed with knowledge gained through years of aviation risk mitigation experience. Whether during manufacturing, operations, or maintenance, people who work with autonomous vehicles can make mistakes. We’re focused on reducing the risks.

Deliver your promised vision

Confirm your project is delivering intended results.

Your goal is AV and connected AV systems (CAV) deployment safety that you have confidence in, and that people trust. Whether you’re moving people or goods, trust is non-negotiable. So, once you’ve assessed where you are and what you have, and developed what you need, it’s time to deliver on your promised vision. Not just once, but at every opportunity. Which means putting measures in place to track and evaluate your performance and being ready to respond quickly and efficiently when needed to stay on track.

AV Safety


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