Greg Rodriguez

Greg uses his unique regulatory and policy experience to assist clients with the development of policies and operational frameworks focused on the safe and effective deployment of transportation technologies. His work includes demand-responsive mobility, automated and connected vehicles, dockless micromobility, and unmanned drones (both aerial and ground).

As an attorney, Greg provided legal, regulatory, and policy guidance on issues connected to smart cities and the incorporation of transportation technologies within communities. With his working knowledge of state and local government rules and regulations—in addition to his understanding of private sector goals—Greg facilitates education and collaboration towards the development of balanced and workable policy frameworks. These frameworks promote innovation while also realizing community goals around new mobility solutions.

Outside of work, Greg enjoys spending time with his family and traveling abroad where he appreciates observing transportation infrastructure, especially in developing countries. He’s also the co-founder of the Mobility Podcast, where he discusses the future of transportation.