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How Do Driverless Cars Prove They Are Safe? By Using Weird Virtual Driving Lessons

Stantec GenerationAV™ and dRISK have partnered together to create the first operational design domain risk assessment that is based on quantitative data, which is critical to ensuring safe AV operations. Chess Stetson, the CEO of dRISK, sits down with the Wall Street Journal to discuss how mapping edge cases can help autonomous vehicles (AVs) overcome risks.

How do AVs prove they’re safe? What kind of scenarios do you train an AV against? Despite their sophistication, AVs continue to uncover challenging traffic situations, called edge cases. The countless high-risk scenarios are individually unlikely, but together make up all the risk on the road. Which is why it’s so important to identify and understand them. GenerationAV and dRISK work to find, identify, and mitigate the risks associated with AV edge cases, helping you understand what an AV must respond to before deployment.