Stantec Generation AV - AV Deployment Playbook

AV Deployment Playbook:

The Roadmap for Successful AV Implementation

Autonomous vehicles (AVs) are a smart technology solution that are helping cities, campuses, airports, warehouses, mines, and more increase mobility for their citizens, visitors, and goods by offering a safe, equitable, productive, and environmentally friendly mode of transportation. The intent of this playbook is to help you launch, operate, and evaluate this emerging technology in your community or environment.

It’s not a difficult process—but when dealing with new technology, careful consideration must be paid to safety, public engagement and education, and risk and hazard mitigation. Keep in mind that most people have never been for a ride in an AV or seen them around a work site! Deploying AVs at any scale asks the public to put their trust in something new—extensive planning, outreach, and a thorough understanding of the process, from concept to deployment, are critical.

Establishing a clear path forward with defined objectives and the right people involved will set you on the path to a successful deployment before you can say “where’s the driver?”

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