Stantec Generation AV - AV Deployment: Safety Assessment Process

AV Safety Assessment Process

A Holistic Approach for Safe Deployments

At Stantec GenerationAV™, our mission is to accelerate widespread adoption of autonomous vehicles (AVs). Not because we think the technology is super cool (which we do), but because AVs hold a promise of a safer future. To truly achieve that safer future though, we need to take every step necessary to safely deploy these vehicles.

Safety is—and needs to be—the driving force in AV deployment.

Our safety assessment process is built around 12 essential elements that can all be used independently or collectively to cover all safety considerations that will enable confident deployments.

Our transportation planning consultants work with clients every step of the way, tangibly demonstrating the importance of safety across every element, from the vehicle environment to operational practices, and to ensure a healthy safety culture. The final outcome is a level of trust and confidence in any AV deployment, safe in the knowledge that all efforts have been taken to evaluate and mitigate any identified safety risks and hazards.

The Need for a Holistic Safety Assessment

Safety, as perceived by users, is a prerequisite for the successful widespread deployment of AVs. There is currently no single standard, best practice, or guideline that covers AV safety in a holistic manner. This is of concern as the identification and mitigation of risks and hazards extends beyond the driving system and the Operational Design Domain (ODD) and into the organization.

AVs are both driven and bound by safety.

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The Stantec GenerationAV™ Safety
Assessment Process


av safe deployment process


A process is key for a holistic assessment as there are multiple methodologies, standards, best practices, and areas involved. It begins with an initial assessment of the ODD, then to vehicle safety and security systems, management and operations, and finally to field monitoring and evaluation with feedback and resolution.

The Safety Assessment can be used by AV Developers and Operators, as well as deploying agencies and companies, for all ground vehicle applications including sidewalk robots, low-speed autonomous shuttles, personal vehicles, robotaxis, and commercial trucks.

The deliverables, based upon a Third Party Independent Assessment Report(s), include:

  • Risk assessment and analysis
  • Risk identification, quantification, and mitigation measures
  • Safety metrics
  • Recommendations for improvement
  • SME and Specialist External Partner knowledge and experience