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The GenerationAV™ Story

Stantec GenerationAV™ was formed in 2020 by global consulting firm Stantec to accelerate the adoption of autonomous vehicles (AVs) and connected AV systems (CAV). With a goal of creating a safer, cleaner, more equitable world, we guide clients through the safe adoption and operation of AVs. We see the immense opportunity this emerging technology presents and understand that the path to autonomy isn’t always clear. It’s why we’ve developed focused solutions to educate, engage, and guide our clients. Our team of transportation planning and city planning consultants are ready to work with you toward a smarter mobility future.

When you combine the power of Stantec with the AV-focused ecosystem that is GenerationAV, we bring our clients something truly unique — the ability to guide, plan, assess, design, implement, and deploy all under one umbrella.

The GenerationAV story
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It’s not too late to start your AV journey the right way. We’re here to help.

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Our autonomous vehicle consultants, city planning consulting services, and expert team has been assembled from all corners of the AV industry. We are working to build the future of automated mobility by providing engaging learning modules, industry data and analytics, and expert consulting and advisory services.

Our team recognizes the need for qualified, unbiased information that will save users time and money when preparing or managing their AV journey. GenerationAV is accelerating automated mobility.

Please reach out to discuss your unique needs and interest in autonomous vehicles. Our autonomous vehicle consulting team is here to answer your questions and help you find your clear path to safer, cleaner, inclusive mobility that is sustainable and resilient.

our partners


dRISK delivers the first true driving test for AVs, with patented technology to test and validate on edge cases, improving performance and safety.


ICARUS Ops™ is eliminating human-error through their digital checklist platform, developed from aviation best practices to help achieve safe AV production and operation.


As leaders in autonomous vehicle system research and collaboration, POCO Labs’ global expertise powers connections and innovation at the intersection of new mobility and the built environment.

kVA by UL

From hazard analysis to functional design and validation target-setting, kVA by UL’s knowledge of the automotive product development lifecycle sets them apart in the functional safety industry.


The AIRO Group provides best-in-class aerospace, urban air mobility, and autonomy technologies along with services uniquely capable of addressing the wide spectrum of global aerospace markets.