Stantec Generation AV - Ready to Roll

Ready to roll

A lot of work has been done to get to this point–and it’s set you up for success. Your destination is almost within reach! With a few more steps, you’ll be there.

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Pondering the idea

The first step you take on your AV and connected AV systems (CAV) journey is crucial–it can start you moving in the right direction. And when considering a new technology, it’s natural to want to jump a few steps ahead and start exploring the technology. But trust us–you’re not there yet.

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Evaluating the options

You’ve started your journey. You have a destination in mind and have started developing the roadmap of how to get there. Now you need to make sure you can make your vision a reality. How do you do that? Keep reading.

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Time to make magic

You’re ready to implement your vision!

Activities that will help you on this leg of your journey include safety and operational planning, ensuring permits and approvals are in place, completing physical and digital infrastructure improvements, and beginning installation and testing. One of the most important activities is safety training exercises and workshops to acquaint first responders and other stakeholders with the technology and teach them how to interact with it.

AV Planning

Keeping the magic alive

Smooth and safe—the goal of any AV deployment.

It doesn’t happen without some effort though—get those behind-the-scenes details right and those who interact with your deployment will be nothing short of happy. Define roles and responsibilities for the operations team. Train personnel. Reassess intelligent transportation systems (ITS). Comply with applicable rules and regulations. You’ll meet your project objectives and the expectations of your users.

AV Planning

Driving forward momentum

Data, data, data.

Whether collecting it from the vehicle and environment, the infrastructure, or the users, data is critical at this stage. What’s working well and what isn’t? What are customers saying? Are you achieving your objectives? The answer to these questions informs the next steps you take.

AV Planning

GenerationAV Deployment Playbook

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