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Designing tomorrow’s infrastructure today

Communities all over the world are setting goals aimed at reducing their carbon footprint. Both electric and autonomous vehicles (AVs) are integral components of the smart mobility ecosystem that are poised to have an increasingly positive effect on climate change. Regardless of the exact rate of adoption, we know that an electric vehicle (EV) ecosystem will have a dramatic impact on our power grid, and endless opportunity for redesigning our communities to adapt to changes in our behavior.

As transportation shifts to electric and autonomous vehicles, there will be fundamental changes to our society, including the way we design our roads, transportation management centers, power grids, commercial buildings, and even our parking lots.  AV engineering is front and center to this shift in our world.

Our team brings a unique combination of expertise in both EV and AV engineering and infrastructure planning and design. We also have an understanding of community and economic impacts and funding opportunities.

We’re known for our innovation and smart mobility capabilities. When clients face new challenges, they reach out to us to help them find solutions. When you work with Stantec GenerationAV™, you have the full range of professional engineering, management, and advisory services at your fingertips. Our integrated project teams can respond to your needs wherever the project goes.