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The autonomous vehicle (AV) and connected AV systems (CAV) industry is developing quickly, with both new companies frequently emerging and deployments advancing in complexity. Understanding how the market is evolving, what technologies are available, and how they function is critical to building your AV program.

At GenerationAV, we don’t push AV solutions — we provide autonomous vehicle and transportation planning consulting services with expertise, experience, and a proven methodology to identify, qualify, and assess AV industry analytics for your specific use-case. We work with you to guide you on your path to deployment by identifying a vision, uncovering the technologies that meet your needs, and ultimately selecting your best-fit AV solution.

We also monitor the AV and automotive industry analytics as it develops, tracking its growth and discovering opportunities for which different stakeholders may engage. We provide consistent industry-wide reporting as well as customized analysis of the market conditions you care about most, focusing on AV industry segments, vehicle platforms, use-cases, componentry, and more.

Technology assessments

Information is power and when you don’t know what technology is available or what it can do for you, it’s hard to feel empowered. Our technology assessments run the gamut from a report on the current wide range of AV technology to components that make up the connected and autonomous vehicle ecosystem. We’ll work hand in hand with you to discover AV companies and their products and help you select technologies that meet your needs, moving one step closer to a pilot or procurement.

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Market assessments

Understanding the AV market can seem overwhelming, but making the effort is a worthwhile endeavor. To move forward confidently, you need a basic understanding of what the industry looks like today and where it may go. Our market assessment reports are created to provide you with a greater understanding of your potential opportunities. These reports can be created on-demand and customized to meet your needs. We’ll work with you to assess AV companies and customers, uses cases, or industry opportunities specific to your needs and goals.

In addition, twice annually we release an AV Ecosystem Assessment report and make it available to you at no cost.

Our AV Ecosystem Assessment Report is available now!

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