Stantec Generation AV - ODD Risk Assessment

ODD Risk Assessment

The first step to AV safety

AV safety starts with feasibility and safety assessments of the Operational Design Domain, or ODD. But first, you need to understand what that is. The ODD is sometimes described as the route an AV will travel, but that’s only part of the story. The ODD is physical, digital, and environmental, and includes other road users and traffic, weather conditions, speed limits, and more.

With so much to consider, ODD assessments require a data-driven approach, like the one developed by Stantec GenerationAV. Focused on identifying all risks within an ODD so that the AV can be trained to safely operate within it, it provides quantifiable data for both the humans and the AVs. It is the ONLY safe way.

Understanding all the risks

Despite their sophistication, AVs continue to uncover challenging traffic situations, called edge cases—the countless high-risk scenarios that are individually unlikely, but together make up all the risk on the road. Which is why it’s so important to identify and understand them, whether you’re an AV company or the owner of the operating environment. We have the tools to find, identify, and mitigate the risks associated with AV edge cases, helping you understand what an AV must respond to before deployment.

Powered by dRISK

Identifying high-risk edge case scenarios will allow for the safe planning of AV operations and infrastructure. Together, Stantec GenerationAV and our partner dRISK have created the first operational design domain risk assessment that is based on quantitative data, which is critical to ensuring safe AV operations. By training AVs to deal with the most challenging scenarios and helping communities prepare for their arrival, we can realize the vision of greater road safety we’re all striving for.

dRISK, an artificial intelligence and software developer working to improve the efficiency and safety of autonomous vehicles, has set the benchmark for AV driving tests.

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