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smart mobility readiness assessment

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Technology is not only changing the way we move, but also how we think about moving. This shift brings uncertainty – communities are working to understand and prepare for the future of mobility. Central to this effort is gaining an understanding of how ready a community is to embrace and adopt smart mobility advancements.

Stantec and Vanderbilt University have developed the Smart Mobility Readiness Assessment Tool to help communities evaluate their preparedness to adopt smart mobility options in the future. The tool evaluates several categories to determine a community’s smart mobility readiness or maturity including diversity, equity, safety, and the environment.

It also reviews system efficiencies, travel demand management and access to travel information, data sharing and privacy, interoperability, and communications across and between modal networks and communities, and planning and governance.

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to smart mobility readiness — every community has its own needs and challenges. We’re here to help you figure out where you are, where you want to be, and how to get there.

While developing a smart mobility assessment plan for greater Nashville, we used our Smart Mobility Readiness Assessment tool to assess communities in the seven-county region. Smart mobility is not a one size solution — we uncovered vast differences in levels of readiness from small rural communities with no understanding of terminology to larger metropolitan regions like Nashville. However, our tool was immensely useful in identifying areas for coordination and improved communication to meet the needs of all citizens.

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Through our work with the City of Tulsa to develop a mobility innovation strategy, we employed our Smart Mobility Readiness Assessment tool to get a sense of the city’s readiness to embrace and adopt smart mobility advancements to inform planning, policies, and investment. This tool helped us methodically evaluate the state of the city’s infrastructure — particularly traffic and transit technologies — and identified potential areas for strategic improvement to meet the city’s goals.

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Vanderbilt University was our strategic partner in developing the Smart Mobility Readiness Assessment tool. Globally renowned for its transformative education and research, Vanderbilt University is in Nashville where the concept of the Readiness Assessment tool was born. The team at Vanderbilt was instrumental to developing the approach, categories, and methodology used in the tool, beginning with work for the Greater Nashville Regional Council and expanding from there.