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Teams and communities who are ready to put autonomy in action will benefit from our customized AV workshops. Our AV consultants, industry experts, and technology partners work directly with your team, and focus on understanding your community, vision, and application to which we can align the right AV solutions.

Our workshops combine in-person learning or virtual learning with hands-on fieldwork to build your team’s confidence and propel your AV/ADS project in the right direction. Discover more learning opportunities on the Stantec GenerationAV Learning Center page.

Looking to get hands on with your unique situation and environment? Then it’s time for an AV Readiness Workshop!

This custom workshop will assess your community’s readiness for AV deployment and guide further planning. This hands-on learning experience balances classroom learning and fieldwork. You’ll learn why and how to assess an AV’s Operational Design Domain as well as how to identify and mitigate risks. You will use these teachings, reinforced through the review of real-world use-cases, to assess your own community for AV readiness. At the culmination of the workshop, you will be able to conduct an infrastructure assessment and be on your way to creating a Concept of Operations.

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Create your plan to deploy an AV safely with our AV Safety Workshop.

This custom workshop will educate you and your team and build your confidence in AVs and Automated Driving Systems (ADS). You will gain a better understanding of the AV/ADS safety standards landscape, safety performance metrics, risk assessment and mitigation measures, and the importance of a holistic approach to safety. In addition to providing case studies, we’ll work with you in advance to identify your own AV/ADS project or area of interest to serve as a baseline for discussion. We’ll also dive into the importance of safety culture and the key elements of a safety program, from concept to deployment, as well as the use of Technology Readiness Levels.

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As traditional transportation services and future mobility solutions become increasingly merged, what does that mean for their associated policy and regulatory requirements? Find out more with an AV Policy Workshop!

Through a solution focused lens, this workshop provides a high-level overview of legal, regulatory, and policy matters that arise while assessing, planning, developing, contracting for, and implementing autonomous and connected vehicles into a mobility ecosystem. Based on firsthand project experience, we’ll work through the coordination required between the public and private sector to move past the status quo and modernize systems and processes to overcome silos and allow for the successful evolution of the transportation system.

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