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Everyone’s journey to autonomy
is different.

Where are you?

Focused on Safety

Safety is, and needs to be, the driving force in any autonomous vehicle (AV) and connected AV systems (CAV) deployment. Safety is foundational. Wherever you are in your AV journey, safety matters.

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Stantec GenerationAV™ is focused on accelerating the widespread implementation of autonomous vehicles. Why? That’s easy:

  • Safety
  • Equity and Accessibility
  • Sustainability
  • Economic Development

AVs bring with them the potential to drastically reduce traffic accidents and fatalities. This is what gets us up in the morning. And it’s why we’ve developed our holistic safety toolkit—to make sure that, as we strive for safer mobility, safety is part of every step and discussion.

Beyond providing more options, it’s important that people of all abilities and social identities can access them. We provide autonomous vehicle consulting services to help communities and companies assess and evaluate their options to determine which ones can truly answer this call.

A huge percentage of emissions across the world are from the transportation industry. We can help communities reverse this trend by planning for electric and connected AVs that are part of an integrated mix of mobility modes.

AVs open the door for reimagining underutilized spaces into new and productive environments. We can help you make the most of an AV-driven future.

Recent Projects


10th Street Cycle Track

Providing a safe, dedicated bike route east-west through Midtown Atlanta

Walgreens Old Post Office

Creating diverse work neighborhoods for a major retailer within a landmark building