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Learning about autonomy has never been easier

The Stantec GenerationAV™ Learning Center is an intuitive, one-stop-shop for education on all things to do with autonomous vehicles (AVs) and their applications. Designed to make high-level concepts, complex ideas, and technical information simple and digestible, these courses are all delivered online by mass transit consultants, industry experts, and technology partners with real-world experience creating safe and effective AV deployment programs.

The goal of the Learning Center is simple — to keep our communities and businesses informed on the advancements of AVs so they can be prepared for AV integration when they’re ready.

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AV Workshops

Teams and communities who are ready to put autonomy in action will benefit from our customized AV workshops. Our transportation consultants, industry experts, and technology partners work directly with your team, and focus on understanding your community, vision, and application to which we can align the right AV solutions.

Our workshops combine in-person learning or virtual learning with hands-on fieldwork to build your team’s confidence and propel your AV / ADS project in the right direction.

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The world of autonomous vehicles is constantly shifting and evolving—it’s hard to stay on top of it all. Our team of AV experts is out there talking to technology companies, manufacturers, agencies, and others. And we like to share.

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This common question has so many answers. From the most basic of moving people and goods to the very specific of mowing lawns at an airport, every answer is shaped by government policy. In the Learning Center, our policy experts share how AV policy is taking shape along with their thoughts on how AV activity around the world will inform this discussion going forward.

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How safe is safe enough?

Safety isn’t just an important part of the AV conversation; it’s the most important part. There is little debate that AVs will create safer transportation networks and safer communities. But how do we make sure these vehicles don’t just improve safety but are safe themselves? A lot goes into creating safe AVs and our experts are at the heart of it.

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