Stantec Generation AV - Autonomous Vehicle Ecosystem Assessment Report

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autonomous vehicle ecosystem assessment report

Spring 2023

As the words ‘autonomous vehicle technology’ are becoming more and more known, many wonder what exactly is the current AV market state…and where is it heading.

The Stantec GenerationAV Autonomous Vehicle Ecosystem Assessment Summary reveals the current activity and the barriers to autonomous vehicle adoption. We also provide a detailed summary of the automated driving system, vehicle developers, and key stakeholders. As new technology is created and regulation is adopted, the global autonomous vehicle market is expected to grow substantially in the next decade. Knowing this, AV companies will be able to confidently accelerate AV solutions and appeal to customers.

Our team closely monitors the AV industry and aggregates research and analysis from top firms and industry experts.

We bring you deployment forecasts, revenue/investment projections, fundraising and acquisition activity, and more. We also highlight industry trends, AV system client types and their needs, and major AV developers and their products. This comprehensive report is just what you need to better understand the AV ecosystem.

If, after reviewing this report, you have questions or would like to discuss a custom report, please contact us.

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