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AV Planning

Start with a plan

Autonomous vehicle (AV) technology is new. When you don’t know how AVs will impact or influence your city, your business, your community, or your daily life, it can be hard to know where to start. The answer is almost always the same—start with a plan. Whether you’re developing a strategy for an entire community, planning for electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure, or considering a pilot or full deployment of AVs, Stantec GenerationAV™ and our transportation planning consulting team brings a full suite of planning services to get you, your business, or your community ready for an autonomous future.

We have a bold vision for what our collective AV and connected AV systems (CAV) future can look like—let’s work together to create solutions that improve the lives of individuals and communities.

Guiding the journey to autonomy

Extensive planning, outreach, and a thorough understanding of what to do and when are critical when implementing AVs. Whether launching a pilot program or a large-scale deployment, there are necessary steps to success. The GenerationAV Deployment Playbook was designed by our experts, including city planning consultants, to guide communities and facilities through this process—from exploring challenges and creating a vision, to evaluating and integrating with existing infrastructure, to monitoring a deployment. The technology of connected AV systems (CAV) is complex, but adopting it doesn’t have to be.

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Are you ready?

Stantec’s Smart Mobility Readiness Assessment Tool helps communities evaluate their level of readiness or maturity to adopt smart mobility technologies. The tool evaluates several categories including diversity, equity, safety, and the environment; system efficiencies; travel demand management; data sharing and privacy; interoperability; and planning and governance. Every community has its own needs and challenges and our autonomous vehicle and mass transit consulting services are here to help you figure out where you are, where you want to be, and how to get there.

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