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Realizing a promised future, now

Existing transportation systems are designed to move people and goods safely and efficiently. Historically, these systems have struggled to do that equitably or cleanly—and neither safety nor efficiency have been guaranteed. Introducing autonomous vehicles (AVs) into these environments can go a long way toward achieving the safe, clean, equitable, and efficient transportation networks that communities are increasingly working toward.

From providing critical first and last mile connections for underserved communities to disinfecting our public transportation systems, delivering goods across our interstate system or medicine across town, AVs can fill a wide range of needs, all contributing to an intelligent transportation system that safely serves our communities as a whole.

The Stantec GenerationAV transportation planning and mass transit consultants detail the current state of the autonomous vehicle market in our comprehensive report.

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Accelerating autonomous transportation systems

We create connections that get people and goods moving. A key driver in our work is providing people with mobility options that contribute to a fully integrated transportation system. With benefits of safety, efficiency, and accessibility, the potential for integrating AV applications is immense. Pairing our experts in AV planning and deployment with transportation-focused planners and engineers, we help our clients plan and implement the solutions that best fit their needs.

Efficient and accessible transit centers

Our commitment to creating efficient autonomous transportation systems is evident in our transit centers. Transit centers are central mobility hubs where transportation converges, including AVs, shuttles, and other micromobility services like bike and scooter share, as well as logistics services such as electric vehicle (EV) charging, parcel lockers, and other amenities. It’s vital to have purpose-built transit centers where autonomous services and logistics are convenient and accessible for all community members.

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AVs in Transportation Systems
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