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Transforming our port operations

Ports have more demands on them now than at any other time in history. Its no longer just about handling bigger ships and moving more cargo and passengers. It’s about doing so in a socially and environmentally sustainable manner while facing increasing financial pressures.  

Introducing automated vehicles (AVs) into these environments can go a long way toward achieving these goals economically. From inspection and inventory to transporting cargo, workers, or passengers, AVs can fill a wide range of needs, all contributing to safer, cleaner, and more efficient port operations. 

The Stantec GenerationAV transportation planning and mass transit consultants detail the current state of the autonomous vehicle market in our comprehensive report.

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Accelerating autonomy in our ports

From enhancing port profitability to integrating port activities with innovative information systems, we’re focused on creating economically viable and environmentally sustainable port solutions. AVs can play a major role in helping us on that quest. With promised benefits of safety, efficiency, and accessibility, AVs can move people, cargo, baggage, and equipment or provide inspections, security, and maintenance services at cruise terminals and industrial ports alike. 

AVs in Ports
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