Stantec Generation AV - Pondering the idea

Pondering the idea

The first step you take on your AV and connected AV systems (CAV) journey is crucial–it can start you moving in the right direction. And when considering a new technology, it’s natural to want to jump a few steps ahead and start exploring the technology. But trust us–you’re not there yet.

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Evaluating the options

You’ve started your journey. You have a destination in mind and have started developing the roadmap of how to get there. Now you need to make sure you can make your vision a reality. How do you do that? Keep reading.

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Ready to roll

A lot of work has been done to get to this point–and it’s set you up for success. Your destination is almost within reach! With a few more steps, you’ll be there.

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Step 1

Establish a vision and objectives that address a defined challenge, need, or opportunity.

Why is this important? Because with the end in mind, you can find the right fit that aligns with your goals and expectations. You can establish a roadmap, informed by the community using the solution you implement.

AV Planning

Step 2

Assess your AV readiness.

Are you AV ready? Probably not. But through a thorough assessment of your infrastructure, policy and regulations, stakeholder sentiment, depth of AV experience, and more, you’ll get a clear sense of your strengths, weaknesses, and gaps. And from there you can see that path that aligns to your goals.

AV Planning

Step 3

What, where, how.

With the project vision and objectives established, and a clear understanding of your AV readiness, a project concept plan for advancing to AV deployment is your next step. Our autonomous vehicle and mass transit consulting services can help with that. Do you want an AV technology landscape report to give you a sense of what’s out there? Let us know, we can help with that too.

Step 4

Engagement leads to acceptance.

Now you need to educate and raise AV awareness among your stakeholders. This isn’t the first time you’re engaging them – their input is critical from the start. Continuing the engagement is how you build trust, a critical factor for AV success. Go a step beyond and tap into our Learning Center to build a foundational knowledge of AV solutions, policy, new technology, intelligent transportation systems (ITS), and safety through on-demand courses or a custom workshop.

Learning Center

GenerationAV Deployment Playbook

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