Marie-France Laurin

Marie-France leads business development activities for Stantec GenerationAV™, our autonomous vehicle (AV) consulting arm focused on accelerating AV adoption. Passionate about new mobility, she’s spent most of her career exploring mobility trends, technologies and providers, and synergies between them to help people bring ideas to life.

Work in AV technology, ride sharing, the internet of things (IoT), and smartphone tech have prepared Marie-France for the next big mobility revolution. She believes in the power of AVs and the new mobility ecosystem to enhance communities through improved accessibility and affordability. Building on industry best practices, she knows people are what ultimately drives the success of any mobility program. Through collaboration and integration, we can bring about a safer and more equitable world driven by the evolution of mobility.

When she’s not busy enabling her team for success, Marie-France finds every opportunity to spend time with her children, seeing the world through their eyes and imagining the future she can help create for them.

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